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  • Two Of Hearts Project. For this project I made sprites dance to the song "Two of Hearts" by Stacey Q. The sprites move all around the screen, change colors, and even disappear. The project took me two days but it was completely worth it.

  • Gremlins. For this Scratch project I used a sprite in the shape of a gremlin to catch water. Everytime it catches water he body flies off and the score changes by one for amount caught. If you miss one then the score for missed changes by one. I really enjo this game because it is easy to play but still entertaining.

  • Ballerina Shoot Out For this project I used three sprites, all with different codes. The ballerina was told to move left and right and to shoot small busses at the bird. The bird was told to change its costume when being hit by a bus. The busses were told to be shot from the ballerina and to be deleted after they hit the edge. This project was fun because it is the simplest game you can think of.